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“Your body has collected too many toxins and you need a detox diet.” You may have heard and watched TV commercials such as the above-mentioned statement many a time. Not only are you informed of the toxins abundantly accumulated in your body but also you are warned of their adverse consequences. A complete commercial drama with a length of more than half an hour captures your mind and intellect. You start thinking the way you are guided to think. Ok! All is done; you are convinced to buy the detox diet. The manufacturer is going to make money from another person who has gone under his influence.

Toxins a Myth or Reality!

You have been warned of toxins accumulated in your body causing fatal diseases; taking you to the verge of the grave. All is brought to your notice through a commercial drama. You are frightened of the adverse consequences. The reality is another way round. The accumulation of toxins in a huge amount inside your body means the failure of your immune system. The reality is that your body’s immune system works on its own without telling you that the system is going to detoxify your body. The way you are warned in the commercials means that your body has gone utterly poisonous. Your body needs cleansing like a blocked gutter. The detox diet is said to be highly effective to drain all the toxins overnight. Think for a short while; is it logical? Have you been eating garbage; drinking engine oil, or sleeping in a steam engine? How have you been so polluted from the inside? Suppose for a short while, you are really polluted from inside; what is your immune system for? Your immune system has failed altogether and you are watching a TV commercial that informs you of your ending time. You still feel nothing wrong with your digestive system, respiratory system, and most of all your excretory system.

What is the fact behind the scene?

The questions above-raised are not just for fun. The researchers have proved that all that is told to you in the name of toxins and detox diet is just a way to deprive you of money. In the year 2009, a network of UK scientists got together under the charity called “sense about science”. The group of scientists planned to research the reality of detox medicines and diets. They collected about 15 products of the manufacturers claiming that the supplements detoxify the human body. When interviewed by the scientist, none of the manufacturers could explain or justify the detoxification. So what are the supplements for? You are just be fooled by the manufacturers.

What is needed to be known?

You need to know that when you deprive your body of calories; it starts building up chemicals named ketones. Resultantly, you start vomiting. The other adverse effects of the ketones are dehydration, weakness, light-headedness, and irritability. Due to the lack of proteins, your body breaks down its muscles and your immune system gets compromised.

What is the game plan of the detox diet manufacturers?

when you are under the influence of manufacturers of detox diets, you are advised first to consult a specialist to estimate your body fat percentage of muscle to take the supplements with the recommended natural diet. The natural diet includes vegetables, fruits and meat. Your bodily nutritional deficiencies are compensated by the use of vegetables, fruits and meat. You begin to be healthy. The credit goes to the detox diet rather than the natural diet that you included in your diet after being advised by the detox diet manufacturer.

Man body mass index info chart. Male silhouette medical infographic from underweight to extremely obese. Vector illustration bmi

What your body needs to strengthen your immune system?

You have long been mistaken about your bodily needs. Resultantly, you fall prey to the detox diet manufacturers who deprive you of your money and health. You were misguided about the huge amount of toxin accumulated in your body. You never think of your immune system’s failure. The fact is that your body lacks vitamins, minerals, and protein, and dietary fiber. Once you start taking them in a sufficient amount you feel active, healthy, and smart. A balanced diet lets your body excrete all impurities without any extra effort.

What should you do?

You certainly want to become healthy, active, and smart. It is possible if you start taking a balanced diet. Also, it is equally important to take regular exercise. The exercise helps you excrete the impurities of your body. You need no so-called detox diet indeed.


You are misguided by the detox diet manufacturer every day. You are warned of the so-called accumulation of toxins in your body. You go under the influence of the commercial promoting the detox diet. The detox diet carries a natural food diet plan that works well and the nutritional deficiency of your body is made up. You give credit to the detox diet. The true credit goes to natural food.    

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