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Choosing the path we will walk ahead is our solid step today. Being able to take firm steps today is to know ourselves and know what we can do. We often talk about the importance of getting to know ourselves. How do we know ourselves? We’ve studied one of the ways to get to know ourselves for you. 

Whichever path we choose, we’ll need to lead the people in our team. So let’s ask: What kind of leader are you? Are you aware of this? You can find out what career you need to build just by deciding on the type of leadership you can do.

First of all, let’s get a general perspective. None are better or worse than each other; each has aspects that need improvement. This leadership can infer which type suits us from our personal characteristics. So let’s get started:


This type of leadership is a calm person in everyday life. No matter what situation his business has come to, he does not worry, he can relax. Of course, while this situation is good up to a point, it may cause bad results after a point. In business life, he is more likely to be a leader who controls his employees less and gets less return. For this reason, it would be better for his employees to have experienced people who are aware of what to do. A second suggestion is that an assistant who knows his responsibilities should make the necessary planning for our leader.


Someone who gets warnings from people about style may have this leadership type. He does not take advice, is offended when criticized, and comments a lot. We do not doubt that he will lead very well in a crisis, but he will do this by breaking the hearts of his employees. It is very important at this point that the place where the work is peaceful. It will be great if this leader does not act on the emotions of his friends with whom he will work. It would be more appropriate to work with people who have high analysis power and can perceive quickly and at the same time know themselves well.

Leader Who Sets Goals

Are you like that?   The leaders who focus on objectives focus on results. They often set results as benchmarks for success. They set themselves high standards of performance and expect the same from their team.

How to introduce integrity development practices?   When identifying unethical behavior, you should share the specific negative impacts that behavior had on a particular project or product. In that conversation, you can highlight the potential of the team to set ethical standards for the rest of the industry. Employees will have to live up to this expectation as ethical leaders in the industry.

Predictive Leader

This person is someone who likes to talk and is active in their social life. Communication is very important to him; he can see the whole event from a small piece. Although contributing to the ideas in this way will result in a good job, it should be a little more involved in the event and guide the process. If this type of leader is a senior manager at his workplace, having people who act as a bridge between employees saves the life of the company. Someone in the visionary leader class will do better in a well-planned corporate company.

Visionary Leader

The visionary leaders see the potential for change, either in society or an organization. They help propel an organization towards innovation and in a new direction.

How to introduce integrity development practices?  If you are a visionary leader, you often work in an environment where everyone assumes you know the best kind of action. Be consistent in sharing good and bad and accepting moments of failure. 


The sense of justice is well developed in the daily life of a financial leader. The bad feature is that he holds grudges. While remembering that a task is done well or badly, it is a party to reward those who do well and punish those who do bad. Although this situation is very functional in successful times, it is harmful to the company profile at times of failure. It may cause disruption between employees or between the employee and the manager. Strengthening internal communication solves this problem. A leader will be more efficient if they work in a less competitive work environment.

Authoritarian Leader

The authoritarian leaders often work in organizations with strict guidelines or jobs where centralized control is necessary for success. They often make decisions on their own or in conjunction with a small group of experts, allowing them to maximize effectiveness and provide consistent results.

In fact, we are all good leaders; we just don’t realize what kind of leader we are. We can realize this and make the right start for our careers. Remember, a good start means a good future

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