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When people plan trips to Nevada, they’re often thinking about a trip to Vegas or a desert excursion: but there’s more to this state than those stops!  Reno is an amazing city with a long and interesting history that could be fun for anyone to call home.

Whether you’re trying to save money from a Vegas trip or you’re looking for a trip off the beaten path, these are the ways Reno can be just as fun as a trip to Vegas!

You Can Still See The Flashing Lights

When people think of Vegas, they immediately think of The Strip and all of the beautiful signage the city welcomes you in.  Reno has lots of incredible things to see as well!  From the Reno Arch, a world-famous sign in countless movies, to the Fleischmann Planetarium, you’ll find something that will stun you.

The Reno arch reads ‘The Biggest Little City In The World’ as a joke about how busy this smaller city is and has had different versions hanging for almost a hundred years.

The Fleischmann Planetarium is a gorgeous astronomy observatory and domed theater.  Built sixty years ago at the University of Nevada, it made history as the first planetarium in the USA to feature a 360-degree projector that can offer horizon-to-horizon images and time-lapse photography so you can view an entire day’s weather in just a couple of minutes.  

A Long Incredible History

Reno has been a fantastic destination since as far back as the mid-1850s!  Since then, Reno has established itself as an oasis in the middle of the desert and has everything from gold mining to old western cowboy lore.

You can find a lot of this in areas like the Wilbur D. May Center, which offers a museum and botanical garden.  This stop helps you see how far the city has changed in the last hundred and fifty years and walks you through interesting pieces of culture you won’t find anywhere else. 

Lots of Art and Incredible Sights to See

The art scene in Reno is something to be amazed at!  From the fun southwestern style of architecture the city is filled with to the incredible Nevada Museum of Art, you’ll be wowed at every turn you take.  There’s enough gorgeous art here that you’ll have to snatch up one of the many Reno houses for rent to be able to catch all of it! 

A Chance to Walk on the Wild Side

Although there aren’t many casinos this far out, you can find some wild party animals at the Sierra Nevada Zoological Park and the Animal Ark!  Both of these destinations put a large emphasis on the care and conservation of wildlife while showing you plenty of animals you wouldn’t see this close anywhere else.  

From gorgeous tigers to cute fumbling raccoons, you can take a tour through the world of animals and get to know what we can all do to ensure endangered ones stay longer.

Reno Is More Affordable: And Arguably More Fun Than Vegas!

Although everyone knows about Vegas, the crowds and incredible prices of everything in the city can put the most discerning visitors off.  Consider a trip to the biggest little town in the world instead!

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