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It is very true that the human brain gets dull as it grows older.  The thinking or reasoning capacity of youth is not the same as an old person. A youth can reason to bring a good and reasonable fact so fast than an elderly person. But an old brain can still be young depending on the proper care he offers. There are things that one should abstain from or do in order to keep the brain young.

Here are some of the things that you can do or not do in order to keep the brain young:

1. Abstaining from strong drinks

There is a possibility that strong drinks can cause damage to the brain. The more you drink is the more you get intoxicated. When you are intoxicated, you are at the moment insane, drunk, and unconscious. This drunkenness makes the human brain completely low from thinking.  It is a clear picture of an insane person. Smoking is also a way forward for killing the brain.  When smoking at a youthful age,  the effects only display at an old age, causing memory loss.

2. Having a balanced meal

Different studies by scientists have made it clear that foods are both beneficial and destructive to human health.  Your diet should be balanced in order to have proper health. It is an important factor in having positive thinking. It goes as far as cooling all the corners of the brain.

Proteins can’t stand alone to make the brain function well,  it also needs help from other classes of food.  Vitamins are very good at relieving the brains stress.  It refreshes it and gives it good thinking.

3. Studying schedules

It is important for us to study to keep our brains active.  But overloading it with excessive studying without rest is a trait to the brain.  It is proper we have a fixed study limit, and not study more than the time our brain can last for. However, zero to 15years are to study for an hour, 16 to 49years can study for six hours in order to keep their brain warming while 50 and above should study for just two hours.

4. Stop overhead thinking

Blood pressures are caused by too much thinking. The blood on its high stage is not just falling the heart, but it carries its effects on the brain.  In explanation, when one thinks too much, the heart over pumps the blood and it rises to the head. During this process, the victim suffers from ill reasoning.  He will be mentally disordered if he doesn’t seek medical help in less time.

5. Weather awareness

Working under the sun of about 40 degrees Celsius or more is a risk to the brain. Direct contact from the sun causes internal heat. As the sun beats the head,  the brain becomes weak because of the heat. It causes headache which is not supportive of the brain. It is ideal that people should consider the weather before working.

6. Hair maintenance

Human brains will function when the head is ventilated. The hair must be properly tidy so as not to bring illnesses to the brain. Tick and lies also live under untidy hair. As they are benefitting from the host, they penetrate to the brain through the scalp and thereby reducing the capability of the brain. Apply good hair creams, barb, or plait them when due.

The brain controls all other parts of the body. There are many things that affect the potency of the human brain such as smoking, drinking, overload thinkings, and others. It needs proper maintenance so as to keep its youthfulness. What affects the eyes also affects the brain. Your eyes should be 3 meters away from a watching screen. The dullness of the brain can be corrected when you put proper care into it.

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